which should be done with experts of their fields, so, you can always hire a professional to do for you at PROFICIENT BUSINESS PLANS.

Are you looking to find a way to put your business idea into a plan and don’t know how to do it? If yes, then we’ll help you to be your own guide and teach you step by step.

The most important step towards starting / expanding your business is to have an idea. A lot of people have ideas already but what they don’t know is how to transform their ideas into a plan which will lead to a successful business.

To move forward towards a successful business, we will guide you to write your business plan.

  • Executive Summary:

Executive summary is the first thing that your target customer / audience goes through. The important thing to remember while drafting an executive summary is that you understand the necessary data for executive summary. It should include:

  • The mission statement which is a purpose that is served by the business.
    • Uniqueness of your product or service.
    • Briefing about the company management & their working styles.
    • Financial information, projected growth, and required funding to fulfil the growth projected.
  • Organizational Description:

Organizational description is an extension / elaboration of company management and their working styles. The audience of the plan should be bifurcated to exclusive segmentation as your consumers, target market, financial institutes (from where you need funding). The things to be included in this section are;

  • A relevant uniqueness with mission statement.
  • Detailed work experience of team members.
  • Outline Business Goals:

Business goals are your long-term and short-term plans, which you wish to achieve according to the timeline. The goals should be SMART, which means it should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time Bound.

  • Services and Products:

This section of the business plan should include every detail about the service or product you are offering, its advantages, the lifespan of the product etc. In short, if there is any detail that can benefit you for a return, you should be including it here.

  • Marketing & Business Plan:

This section of the business plan is all about the details of where you want to see your product, after its launch. The necessary marketing tools, the sales techniques and plan mapping, in fact the digital media strategy to promote the product / service should be added here too.

  • Financing Requirements:

This section of the business plan needs a lot of focus, consideration and effort. As the primary need to have a successful business is HOW TO FINANCE YOUR BUSINESS. You should map out all the possibilities for debt, mortgage, loan plans that can help you to get finance for the business. The terms and conditions to finance your business and the payoff time should be considered very keenly, to avoid any surprises.

  • Financial Projection:

Once you have your finances aligned, the return on investment should be added to your business plan. It helps to identify & track the progress made by the organization over the planned timeline. It should include following.

  • Income statements, cash flow statements, profit & loss statements, available balance sheets.
  • Financial projection to understand your long-term plans.
  • Appendix:

Appendix section should include all the supporting documents which you have mentioned in your business plan.


Writing a business plan is as necessary as having finances for business. Above mentioned pointers can help you to have a business plan drafted. Business plans are necessary to every startup and are a step towards a successful business, which should be done with experts of their fields, so, you can always hire a professional to do for you at PROFICIENT BUSINESS PLANS.

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