Maheen is a highly accomplished finance professional with over 10 years of experience in Corporate Finance, Business Process Reengineering and Automation, and Strategic Performance Management. With extensive experience across multiple industries, including petrochemicals, financial services, energy, and project management, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table. As an ACCA member, she has demonstrated a strong foundation in accounting principles, financial management, and strategic decision-making. Her in-depth knowledge of corporate finance allows her to analyze complex financial data, identify areas for improvement, and develop effective strategies to drive business growth.

Zulfiqar has over 13 years of experience in the financial services industry, specializing in strategy development and planning, business analysis, performance measurement, digitalization, and business transformation. He is renowned for improving profitability, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and boosting customer numbers by applying data analytics to create process improvements and changes. CFA, ACCA, and FRM are among his qualifications.

Mansoor boasts over 15 years of diverse experience in various corporate and private sectors such as Telecom, Warehouse and Logistics, Real Estate, and Education. He has excelled in offering business consultancy services, assisting his clients with tasks like company registration, securing grants, obtaining loans and investments, and applying for skilled labor and specialized visas.

His skill set is specialized in areas like inventory management, leadership development, strategic planning, and customer service. Furthermore, Mansoor’s expertise includes conducting research, analyzing competition, creating strategic documents, implementing process automation, and beyond.

I am an ACCA Member and graduate BSc (Hons) from Oxford Brookes with more than 10 years of experience working with Big Four Consultancy Firms and Large Size Financial institutions. Working as a business consultant enables me to create a diversified portfolio that involves executing projects related to business plans, pitch deck presentations, research analysis, policies and procedure SOPs experts and much more. Sheryar formulated Proficient Business Plan a couple of years ago by developing a strong niche of business plan writing with clients across different industries.

Me and my team have helped scale various startups and existing businesses through successful investment rounds.